The global awakening process has been accelerated exponentially.

I am one soul of many tasked with leading the collective.

We are a community of like-minded individuals dedicated to helping one another along the path of existence while promoting mental/physical health as well as spiritual attainment. We achieve this goal through unconventional means. But these techniques work as well as it did 6000+ years ago when there were no pharmaceutical companies or hospitals. Third Eye Wide is committed to seeking, sharing, and preserving the knowledge that is so crucial for our survival in the years to come. We are on our way to becoming a global community. A network of intelligent individuals who question everything and always seek truth and justice above all else. The spiritual awakening process has begun for many people on this planet. Every day we are bombarded with useless information with which we have no way of processing or utilizing it for the greater good of mankind. Unfiltered and progressive information will become a valuable commodity. You will come here. To speak and be heard. To give and receive. To live and to learn. Together for the greater good. For our very souls.